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Changing Lives in the UK Through Designer Recycled Cards - ARTHOUSE Unlimited

Meet the talented artists from ARTHOUSE Unlimited. They develop colourful designer products that challenge perceptions about disability and champion acceptance and inclusion. 

Meet the artists and designers of handmade and recycled cards - Good Things

Empowering artists and changing lives

ARTHOUSE Unlimited is a collective of artists who live with learning disabilities and complex epilepsy. The artists require varying levels of assistance and many live in supported accommodation at The Meath Epilepsy Charity in Surrey.

The artists create their work at sessions led by professional art tutors and these artworks are developed into designs for sale. 100% of the revenue ARTHOUSE Unlimited raises goes back into the charity: they aim to challenge perceptions and create better acceptance and inclusion for all people living with disabilities. Currently ARTHOUSE Unlimited represents artists in Surrey, but they hope to expand their reach, working with more artists in towns around the UK.

Louise painting a new design for a handmade and recycled card

Louise painting a new design for a handmade card


ARTHOUSE Unlimited exists to celebrate and promote the work of the artists, providing a sense of purpose and as a result, improved health and wellbeing. Every time you buy a card you help validate an artist's work.

Artists create the handmade panda design - recycled and handmade cards

Artists work together to create the handmade panda party card design

Eco-friendly, recycled cards

ARTHOUSE Unlimited's sustainable cards are made from 100% recycled, earth-friendly paper. The gorgeous, colourful designs are then hand-printed on to the cards.

Artists create some handmade designs - handmade and recycled cards

Artists create some handmade designs 

ARTHOUSE Unlimited

Good Things is delighted to share the artwork of ARTHOUSE Unlimited with you. We love these fun, colourful designs and the heartfelt and often humorous messages. Explore their range of hand printed cards below. Thank you for helping support their empowering and important work.


Good Things seeks out innovative, fair and eco-friendly toys and gifts for kids that do great things. Like toy boats made entirely from recycled milk bottles, or cards that are changing the lives of orphaned young adults in Rwanda. Have a look at our collections.

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