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Green Toys Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic Bath Toys - eco bath toys

Green Toys Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic Beach or Bath Toys

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This limited edition play set is very special: not only does it include all the toys you need for a really fun time playing at the beach or in the bath, Green Toys have also made it from plastic which was intercepted and recycled before it might have polluted our oceans

 Good Things:

  • These toys are made entirely from plastic that may have otherwise polluted our oceans. Green Toys intercepted this plastic in global communities that lack recycling infrastructure and used it to create these lovely products
  • Green Toys' priority is creating safe and strong products. These toys are non-toxic, and they don't contain BPA, PVC or phthalates. The bright colours are created using food-safe, mineral-based colouring
  • A range of shapes designed for unstructured, imaginative play
  • Packaged in award-winning 100% recyclable cardboard packaging printed with minimal colours in natural inks. 

Green Toys are committed to producing long-lasting earth friendly toys. This limited-edition rock pool set has been made from plastic intercepted before it may have polluted our seas. This activity also supports the development of formal waste collection programmes.

What you get:

Every shell in this seven-piece set pours differently! It includes a jellyfish, snail, squid, scallop, abalone, starfish and sea or bath-friendly storage basket. The basket is made from recycled plastic bags. Made from eco-friendly recycled plastic, it's also completely dishwasher safe so it's child-friendly too!

Recommended for ages 6 months to 6 years

Storage basket measures: 25.7cm long x 11.9cm wide x 21.6cm deep

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Customer Reviews

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Naomi Iles

Really love these toys! Love they are made from plastic being saved from going into the ocean.