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10 deep breaths bracelet - mindful gifts from Good Things
10 deep breaths mindful bracelet - orange, black, grey and blue
10 deep breaths bracelet on female teenager
10 deep breaths bracelet in cotton gift bag
10 deep breaths mindful bracelet on male teenager
10 deep breaths bracelet gift bag illustration by Marc Johns
10 Deep Breaths Mindful Bracelet in orange
10 Deep Breaths Mindful Bracelets

10 Deep Breaths Mindful Bracelet

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Dept. Store for the Mind
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A reminder to slow down and take a moment. Mindful gifts that are great for exams and other periods of stress

Good Things:

  • Plastic-free: made from waxed cotton and brass beads
  • Gender neutral, stylish unisex design
  • Encourages self-reflection, self-awareness and caring for our well-being

These adjustable bracelets provide a perfect reminder to slow down and take a moment. Breathe in and out once for each bead; start with seven seconds in and 11 seconds out. Take longer and slower breaths as you move along. Feel the tension dissolve and your body relax. 

A great gift for teenagers managing exam and revision stress.

This bracelet's minimal cotton and brass design looks great, and it's so lightweight and comfortable you won't feel you're wearing it. But at times of stress it's easy to reach straight for the beads and take a much-needed mindful moment. 

What you get:

Handmade waxed cotton adjustable bracelet with 10 tactile brass beads. Available in black, blue or orange. Comes in a 10 deep breaths cotton gift bag illustrated by Marc Johns.

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