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All about our eco-friendly packaging

Eco-friendly packaging ready to be delivered

"It was really nice to receive it in packaging that didn't include any plastic. I'll definitely be using Good Things again." - Caroline

From the start, we knew that all the packaging Good Things uses for our ethical toys and gifts needed to be eco-friendly too. 

It’s very important to us that this eco-friendly packaging is 100% recyclable, and where possible we wanted to use recycled materials. 

While lots of us are increasingly conscious about the products we use and how we recycle and reduce our waste, we were surprised to find that the packaging industry hasn't necessarily kept up. 46% of us feel guilty about the amount of plastic packaging we use, and 82% of us are trying to reduce the amount we throw away. Yet products are often delivered in plastic, with plastic tape sealing the boxes as standard. 50% of plastic is used only once, and the impact on our sea life is shocking. Find out more about my experience of plastic pollution when working with sea turtles.

Before launching, we spent time searching for alternative ways of packing our lovely products safely, without having to resort to plastic. We're not saying we've found the perfect solution (we'd love to be carbon positive!) but here's what we use at the moment:

Packaging to protect your product

The paper used to keep your product safe is either 100% recycled brown paper or off-white paper that comes from newspaper off-cuts which might otherwise have been thrown away. Both are completely recyclable and can be used as scrap paper first! We also use 100% recycled tissue paper to protect more delicate products.


Your box is 100% recycled, and 100% recyclable. We use 100% recyclable brown paper tape to seal your boxes - it's actually stronger than traditional plastic parcel tape.

Recycled cardboard eco-friendly packaging


Tag and sticker

We like to include a little thank you - this is 100% recycled, and so's the Good Things sticker. The raffia ribbon tying your tag on is made from natural raffia and is completely compostable and biodegradable. 

Printed packing slip

We only use 100% recycled paper and card, and that's what we use for your packing slip and Good Things flyer.

Recycled and Recyclable Gift-wrap

If you're interested in gift-wrap make sure you check out our bright, high-quality and 100% recycled and recyclable range of wrapping paper packs or gift-wrap for products.

Hand gift wrap - 100% recycled

We hope you enjoy your product and the way it's packed. We love to hear what you think and do reach out if you can help us improve our eco-friendly packaging!

Ethical and sustainable gifts, toys and games from Good Things

At Good Things you’ll find inspiring ethical and sustainable gifts that support charities, empower people and protect our planet. Discover gifts for all ages and inspiring ideas like cards that plant trees, handmade cushions empowering people in Tanzania and eco toys made from recycled milk bottles. Have a look at our collections.

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