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Why we do this

Good Things is a champion for choices that make a positive difference to people and planet. 

We seek out inspiring ethical and sustainable gifts that support charities, empower people and protect our planet. Then we make it easy for you to find them in our online shop.

The problem

The lifestyles we lead are harming our home. Plastic is polluting both our land and seas; a shocking 91% of all plastic waste isn't recycled. Our demands for goods at a cheap price means that the people around the world who make our products can be exploited and often work in unsafe conditions for very little money. 

A couple of years ago, I spent time on a sea turtle conservation project in Costa Rica. The impact of plastic pollution is devastating the natural world.

Plastic pollution on the beach
Lucy from Good Things with toys

Another way

But the choices we make can change things for the better. I'm Lucy, the founder of Good Things. I've been inspired by innovative products doing good things: 

Watch my TedX to find out more about the experiences that inspired Good Things.

TedX Youth@Gandy Street: Lucy Willoughby

Good Things

So I had an idea: what if there was one place, bringing together fun and unusual gifts which support charities and social enterprises, are kind to the environment and fair for the people who make them? Gifts that make a positive difference.

At Good Things you’ll find inspiring ethical and sustainable gifts that support charities, empower people and protect our planet. Discover gifts for all ages and inspiring ideas like cards that plant trees, beautiful handmade wooden games providing good wages, healthcare, education and sanitation for artisans and their families in India, and pencils made from recycled CD cases. We want to make it easy for people to make choices that have a positive impact on the planet. We wrap these products up and send them out in reusable and recyclable packaging. Better still, we pledge 20% of any surplus made to charities doing good things too

Some of our suppliers - Good Things
Clockwise from top left: creating hand-loomed cotton toys in Sri Lanka; Clemence works on a handmade card at Cards from Africa in Rwanda; cotton ready for weaving; creating artwork at ARTHOUSE Unlimited

How we work


We believe our choices, and the products we buy, can change the world - for better or for worse. Our vision is a world where the products we buy empower people and protect our planet.

If you know of a charity, social enterprise or eco business making a positive difference through gifts, toys or games we'd love to know about them! Get in touch.

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Find out lots more in our blog: Little Ways to Love the Planet.

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