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About Us

Why we do this

We want to make it easy for you to make choices that have a positive impact on the planet and for the people who make your products. 
Lucy from Good Things with toys
Lucy, founder of Good Things

The problem

The lifestyles we lead are harming our home. Plastic is polluting both our land and seas; a shocking 91% of all plastic waste isn't recycled. Our demands for goods at a cheap price means that the people around the world who make our products can be exploited and often work in unsafe conditions for very little money. 

Last year, I spent time working with sea turtle in Costa Rica. The impact of plastic pollution is devastating.

Plastic pollution on the beach

But the choices we make can change things for the better. I'm Lucy, the founder of Good Things. I've been inspired by innovative products changing the world: 

  • A company turning waste plastic bottles into colourful toys.
  • A project training deaf and disabled people in craft skills, in order to earn a good wage making beautiful gifts for children.
  • Products that help children learn about and care for the planet.

Here I am working with female entrepreneurs in Tanzania last year:

Lucy from Good Things with entrepreneurs in Tanzania

I've spent time in Nepal and Tanzania working with entrepreneurs as they set up small businesses. Supporting enterprises which help people earn a decent wage can be life-changing. With a regular source of income, parents were able to send their children to school and afford urgent healthcare. I know the products are out there, the challenge is that these suppliers are often small and they struggle to tell people about their brilliant products.

Good Things

So I had an idea: we often buy gifts for people at the last minute. If I can offer a range of unusual and fun gifts which are kind to the environment and fair for the people who make them, then you know the positive impact goes far beyond the person receiving that gift. 

Good Things seeks out innovative, fair and sustainable products that do great things. We champion these suppliers, tell their stories and offer their products in our online shop. We want to make it easy for people to make choices that have a positive impact on the planet. We wrap these products up and send them out in completely recyclable packaging

Some of our suppliers - Good Things

How we work


Good Things provides people with fun, ethical and sustainable choices that grow the livelihoods of those facing challenge. We believe that where we choose to spend our money is important and strive to delight our customers, help them buy better and support good causes. 

Our values


We care: about our impact on the planet; about the people who make our products; and about those who choose to shop with us. 


We champion and celebrate difference and diversity. You'll find this in that way we do things (we want business to work for everyone!) and what we offer.

Children learn through play and we believe it's really important that they're exposed to as many different role models and situations as possible at an early age. In our shop you will never find products categorised by gender. You can also search for gender neutral products and racially diverse characters. We will keep expanding these options; it's important to us that our products include more diverse role models as we grow.


We're driven to make things better. We don't think the products we use should cost the earth; either because of how and what they're made of, or because the people making them work are exploited. We will keep going until this changes.


We love what we do, and we want you to enjoy it too. We love finding fun, unusual products and sharing them with the world! We know we've got it right when people tell us how much they love them too.

We also love an office dance and of course testing the toys and games we stock.

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