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Good Things Turns 2!

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Today we're celebrating 2 years since Good Things launched! Our mission was simple: one shop where it was easy to find gifts, toys and games that are kind to the planet, and creating positive change for the people who make them.

Join us as we celebrate:

Social impact: 60% of our products are changing lives around the world

Good Things Turns 2 - social impact
Above: left, Felt So Good provides well-paid work for female artisans in Nepal; right, a gardener harvests garlic at a Seed of Hope project

We love gifts, toys and games that give back. At Good Things 60% of our products are creating a positive social impact and mean your purchase helps change lives around the world. A few of the impactful products we've started stocking this year include:

  • Stylish eco-friendly stationery that funds global education projects from VENT for Change
  • Wildflower seeds made by and supporting the work of Seed of Hope: a social enterprise that helps people with mental health problems in the UK to change their lives through recovery-based therapeutic gardening
  • Reusable water bottles that build wells and water pumps in India and Tanzania from Jerry Bottle

Shop all products creating a positive social impact

Meet Grace

"It just shows how us disabled people can do anything if we’re given the chance.

"Neema Crafts hasn’t just provided us with a wage. It’s given us the chance to exchange our lives and experiences with each other. I also feel that other people can finally see that we count, whilst before I was ignored in town, now I have many friends. I really want to carry on working here."

- Grace, artisan at Neema Crafts

Grace is one of Neema's outworkers and makes products like jewellery and bunting.

Find out more about Neema Crafts or shop Neema Crafts products to support their work.

Grace from Neema Crafts

Environmental impact: this year we've prevented a leatherback turtle's weight in plastic packaging waste and 67% of our products are plastic free

Leatherback turtle

We want to make it easy for you to find feel-good gifts, and reduce plastic waste. In the last year alone we've prevented 350kg* of plastic packaging waste by using paper tape, and recycled cardboard and paper packaging. That's about the weight of an adult leatherback turtle which measures 4 - 6 feet long! Serendipitous as Good Things' founder Lucy was inspired to reduce plastic waste after helping leatherback turtles in Costa Rica a few years ago! 

*Compared to a certain well-known online retailer's average plastic packaging use per parcel, based on this report from Oceana.

  • We're delighted that today 67% of our products are completely plastic free (that's a 10% increase on last year). 
  • A further 33% of our products are made from recycled materials, including coffee cups, plastic milk bottles, yarn scraps and glass! Check out recycled products.
  • We now offset the carbon used for all the orders we send out. Last month we committed to net zero carbon emissions by 2030, a commitment we see as urgent and essential.

Championing Fair Trade and inclusivity

In the last year:

  • We've become Friends of BAFTS! 

    In recognition of our commitment to Fair Trade, we've joined BAFTS, which is the national network of independent shops and suppliers dedicated to promoting Fair Trade retail in the UK. Fair Trade suppliers must give all their workers equal opportunities, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or HIV status. In fact, 52% of Fair Trade enterprises are run by women! Find out more in our blog: What is Fair Trade and why does it matter? or shop Fair Trade products.

  • We've been awarded the Let Toys Be Toys Toymark 2021

    In March 2021 we were delighted to be reawarded the Let Toys Be Toys toymark which is given to retailers that encourage boys and girls to play with whichever toys they enjoy most, and that don't limit toys by gender categories. 

Meet David

"I want to make my mark with my art, and let people understand what it’s like to have epilepsy."

"Making art helps me, and makes me feel more relaxed and less stressed. I feel appreciated when my work is out there in the world, being enjoyed by people."

- David Spencer, artist at ARTHOUSE Unlimited

David is the artist behind the  fabulous turtle design featured on the popular turtle tote bag.

David Spencer - artist at ARTHOUSE Unlimited

In the News

In the past 12 months we've been featured in The Guardian's Ethical Options for Christmas Shopping, Stylist Magazine, Country Life, The Big Issue, Devon Life, plus several podcasts! Find out more about Good Things in the media here.

In November Lucy was a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the South West for the Entrepreneur for Good Award.

Thank you

It's been a heck of a year... The good news is that there's been an increase in demand for ethical and sustainable products, and we've reached many more people. However, throughout the 12 months so much has been unpredictable, and for most of our suppliers it's been very tough. 

I'm delighted to say that all the wonderful organisations we partner with are still operating (although some are limited due to restrictions in place in other areas of the world).

We're also very excited to be developing partnerships with some brand new projects - there have been some Covid-related delays but some really exciting and impactful products are on their way!

I'd like to say massive thank you to you for making Good Things possible: for shopping with us, for your lovely messages of encouragement throughout this strange year, for spreading the word (it really helps!), and to our wonderful suppliers who it is a joy to support and champion.

Every order you make is greatly appreciated, and really does make a difference.

Lucy x

PS stay tuned for details of this year's charity donation. We're still finalising our numbers but will share this exciting news soon!

Lucy, founder of Good Things


Good Things turns 2 - explore ethical products that are kind to the planet and the people who make them

Press enquiries

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Good Things is an award-winning online shop that seeks out inspiring ethical and sustainable products that support charities, empower people and protect our planet. We share these products and their inspiring stories of social and environmental impact in our online store. We want to make it easy for people to find feel good gifts, and reduce plastic waste.

Good Things was founded in July 2019 by female entrepreneur, Lucy Willoughby. After spending time in Nepal and Tanzania, working with entrepreneurs setting up small businesses, Lucy was inspired to let the world know about the ethical and sustainable products she found and the projects they support. Find out more.

Since launching in July 2019, Good Things has been featured in BBC One's Sunday Morning Live, and The Guardian, won the SJL Foundations's Start-Up of the Year Contest, and the Fast Track to Growth Award. Lucy is a finalist for the Entrepreneur for Good Award at the 2020 Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the South West region.

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