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5 Top Plastic Free Swaps

5 Top Plastic Free Swaps - tips for a sustainable lifestyle

Going “plastic free” sounds daunting and cutting plastic completely is probably unrealistic for most people. Here at Good Things we’re all about celebrating little sustainable changes that are better for the planet. Here are our top five simple swaps that will make a big difference to the amount of plastic you use. Start here, keep it up and build on it little by little.

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1. Reusable bottles

5 Top Plastic Free Swaps - reusable bottles-min

In the UK we use an average 117 plastic bottles per person, per year! Simply washing and reusing your bottle is a fantastic way to prevent plastic waste. Check out fabulous Jerry Bottles which are insulated, keeping drinks hot or cold, and profits provide clean water to people around the world! Reusable water bottles from Jerry Bottle

2. Shop small, shop local and support your neighbourhood fruit and veg or zero waste shop

5 Top Plastic Free Swaps - shop small, shop local, shop zero waste

Why? Because food packaging accounts for 70% of our plastic waste. Buying loose fruit and veg and reusing containers for other items will drastically reduce the amount of plastic you use. Plus you’ll be supporting a local business doing its bit for the planet! Zero waste stores have been popping up all over the place, try searching for one near you, or order online from a number of shops and veg box schemes delivering plastic-free groceries across the UK.

3. Swap your plastic tape for biodegradable paper tape

5 Top Plastic Free Swaps - paper tape

Plastic tape can’t be recycled and attaching it to paper or card can make that unrecyclable too! Swap to paper tape and you can pop it all in the recycling, plus you might find you can reuse wrapping paper because paper tape is gentler to peel off. Check out our range of fun, functional and eco-friendly paper tape!

4. Take a reusable bag

5 Top Plastic Free Swaps - reusable bag

Plastic bags are a huge waste, they’re often only used for a few minutes and yet they last hundreds of years. Did you know they're also mistaken for jellyfish by turtles in the sea? We have a gorgeous range of colourful organic cotton and Fair Trade bags that support fabulous charities! Shop reusable bags.

5. Use fully recyclable wrapping paper

5 Top Plastic Free Swaps - recyclable wrapping paper

Paper with glitter, foil, tape, ribbons or bows can’t be recycled. We love wrapping gifts in fully recyclable and 100% recycled wrapping paper, printed with vegan-friendly vegetable inks. Combined with paper tape, ribbon or raffia you should be able to reuse it too! Shop recycled cards and wrapping paper at Good Things.

There you have it, five swaps to get you started on your plastic free journey. Once you start looking you'll notice pesky plastic popping up all over the place: it's in chewing gum, teabags and even lining some packaging (think drinks cups and bottles) that might appear to be made from eco-friendly paper or cardboard! But starting small and making changes you can stick to is the best approach. And the good news is you'll join a growing number of people demanding more planet-friendly alternatives. Sign up for our weekly emails below to join the community.

What do you think? Anything you’d add? Comment below!

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