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Tropical forest - charity donation
Nangaritza, Ecuador (Photo - NCE Juan Carlos Valarezo)

Together we're helping preserve vital tropical forest habitats

We’re for business creating positive change. As well as championing people and planet-friendly products, we also pledge 20% of net profits to charities doing good things too.

We're taking action on climate change by supporting World Land Trust’s Buy an Acre programme, which is protecting precious forests in Ecuador, Mexico, Belize, Brazil and Argentina.

Although we’re too young to be profit making yet, since launching we’ve chosen to invest in protecting six acres of threatened tropical forest. These habitats are crucial for a myriad of endangered animals and plants. This land is turned into a reserve, and protected forever.

"To save species we must save ecosystems. To save ecosystems we must save land. If it is saving species and their ecosystems that is important to you then I know of no better organisation to support than the World Land Trust."

Sir David Attenborough, World Land Trust Patron

We couldn't do this without you. Thank you for being part of it and making good things happen.

Amazon glass frog, Sierra Gorda and Jaguar del Norte reserve - protected by the World Land Trust

Above left: Upper Amazon Glass Frog (Photo - Tropical; middle: Sierra Gorda (Photo - Roberto Pedraza Ruiz); right: Jaguar del Norte Reserve (Naturalia, A.C.© Jaime Rojo)

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