6 Best Board Games 6 Best Board Games - Ethical & Sustainable Wooden Board Games

6 Best Board Games

Introducing six of our favourite fun, competitive games that are ethical and sustainable too!

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Board games have made a comeback. Once relegated to the post-Christmas dinner slot, the board game is now cool. And with lots of us at home with more time on our hands, they're a great way of keeping all the family entertained. 

But which to choose? We introduce some of our favourites, and tell their amazing stories.

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A beautifully hand-crafted catapult game of dexterity and skill

Pucket game - best board games

Fast, furious and incredibly competitive! This immensely popular game is a firm favourite for those who've discovered it. "This nearly caused a divorce!" isn't always the review we hope for, but it is a common theme when people spot Pucket!* (Luckily they also tell us how much they love the game too.)

Pucket's beautiful hardwood board measures 54 x 40cm and the quality of the craftsmanship is plain to see. The game is simple to understand, making it great for all ages: race to catapult your pucks from your side of the board, through the gate in the middle of the board to the other side. There are no turns, and any pucks that arrive on your side must be sent back before you win. You'll find your technique develops the more you play, and it only gets more competitive as time goes on! Pucket Catapult Game, £49

*it's extremely competitive, don't say we didn't warn you!


A fun and strategic word game

Sproutword game - best board games

Described as a cross between Scrabble and Chess, this fiendish word game is nail-biting right until the end. Who will take control of the Sproutword and win the game? Sproutword has already been shortlisted for Best Literacy Game at the Imagination Gaming Awards. We love the way that it's been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, with responsibly-sourced wooden tiles made in Devon and no plastic whatsoever! Available as a 2-player tin or 2 - 4 player box Sproutword Game, 2 - 4 player tin, £23 or Sproutword Game, 2 player tin, £15


"The Fast-Rolling Rollicking Ricochet Game"

Rollet game - best board games

Rollet is fast, fun and fierce! Shoot your steel ball down either or both of your chutes, aiming at the wooden goal ball in the middle. You need to hit the wooden goal ball into your opponent's goal to score a point. The first to score five points with at least a two point lead is the winner!

The game can be played by two or four players, making it a great inclusive game for all ages. The game also comes with two sizes of goal ball meaning you can vary the difficulty as you progress! The game also has four drinks mats - great for creating a pub vibe from home! Rollet Ricochet Game, £62


The world's no. 1 bridge-building strategy game

Bridget strategic game - best wooden board games

A board game of strategy and skill that gets more addictive the more you play! Bridget was invented in Switzerland but these games are made in India where they provide well-paid work and opportunities for workers and their families.

Bridge the pieces of your colour all the way across the board, blocking and counter-blocking your opponent as you go. You've got to stay one step ahead of your opponent so it gets strategic! Think of it as a more fiendish version of Tetris and Connect Four. Bridget, £28

Hedgeways Strategy Game

A luxury two-player strategy game presented in a wooden hinged box

 Hedgeways Strategy Game - best board games

Hedgeways is a luxury strategy game where you race to win land by enclosing fields with your colourful wooden hedge tiles. Look closely at the hinged box - it's beautifully and ingeniously made from wood too! Hedgeways Strategy Game, £24

Raft & Scupper

"The thinking pirate's game"

 Raft and Scupper wooden game  - best wooden board games

Raft and Scupper is a beautifully hand-crafted, fair trade wooden pirate game created by a Californian professor of philosophy. Two pirate crews battle for control of the high seas! The aim is to raft together the wooden ship tiles, or to sink - or scupper - four ships before your opponent. The set-up of the ship tiles allows for a different scenario every time and all the pieces are presented in a beautiful handmade wooden treasure chest. Raft and Scupper, £29

Sustainably made

Best board games for isolation - sustainably made board games

All these games are sustainably made. ET Games creates their products from sustainably-sourced Sheesham wood. The wood is sourced from government-managed plantations in India and has "Vriksh" certification, proving it was produced and felled in a sustainable way. The games are even packaged sustainably, with Bridget presented in its very own organic cotton bag, Raft & Scupper in a wooden chest, and Pucket and Rollet in a cardboard carry-case.

Sprout and Gherkin make their beautiful wooden, tactile tiles from sustainably sourced wood with an FSC core and oak veneer from managed forest plantations in Europe. They use reusable and recyclable packaging, including cotton bags for the game tiles, and a metal tin for 2-player Sproutword.

Changing lives in India through Fair Trade

Fair Trade wooden games

ET Games are certified Fair Trade which means workers are paid at least a local living wage, allowing them to support themselves and their family. Fair Trade guarantees products were not made by children and that workers operate in safe and healthy conditions. The not-for-profit supplier of these games reinvest profits to support workers and their families with healthcare, education and sanitation.

Fair Trade empowers people, creating fairer trading relationships, and never exploits those who are poorer or in a weaker bargaining position. Find out more: What is Fair Trade and Why Does it Matter?

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