How to Have an Eco Friendly Easter - tips for an ethical and sustainable Easter

How to Have an Ethical & Eco Friendly Easter

How to Have an Eco Friendly Easter - ideas for ethical Easter gifts and eco-friendly Easter eggs

With many of us trying to live more sustainably in 2022, how can we treat ourselves to an eco-friendly Easter?

For many, Easter is a time for mountains of chocolate and spending special moments with family. But our celebrations can weigh heavy on the planet. Find out what you can do to make this year more eco-friendly, including ideas for ethical Easter eggs and gifts.

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Choose Your Eggs Carefully

How to Have an Eco Friendly Easter - Choose Your ethical and eco-friendly Eggs Carefully

It's easy to get carried away at Easter - everyone likes a chocolate treat after all! But did you know that in the UK we give 80 million Easter eggs every year? That results in a huge amount of waste packaging, and as many of us are realising, our treats might come at a cost. Chocolate producers and manufacturers have been accused of slavery, exploiting workers and child trafficking. Not so sweet. 

What can you do? If you're going to give Easter eggs then choose them carefully. Many manufacturers are reducing their packaging but never assume, and opt for those labelled plastic free whenever you can. 

Choose Fairtrade certified chocolate. Then you know cocoa producers have been given a fair deal and that slavery, child labour and forced labour is forbidden. For ethical and sustainable egg options, check out the Top 10 Fairtrade Easter Eggs for 2022 from the Fairtrade Foundation. 

Make it Yourself

How to Have an Eco Friendly Easter - Make it Yourself-min

Why not make your own Easter treats? From Easter-themed cakes to homemade hot cross buns, you'll find loads of Easter baking ideas from the BBC here, and it's the easiest way to avoid waste packaging. It's a great chance to try something new and there are lots of ideas kids and teenagers can get involved with too.

If you fancy going one step further you could even try making your own Easter eggs! You'll need an egg-shaped mould and to try tempering chocolate, but what a lovely way to create something really personal! 

Plan Your Meals and Use it All up!

How to Have an Eco Friendly Easter - Plan Your Meals and Use it All up!-min

Many of us will be hoping for an extra special Easter this year, as we meet with family and friends. But special occasions and feasts with loved ones often result in more waste.

Plan your menu and consider the ingredients you need in order to avoid throwing away leftovers. Zero waste shops offer unwrapped goods meaning you won't waste packaging, and allowing you to weigh the exact quantities of ingredients you need so nothing goes to waste.

Seasonal snacks, picnic food and utensils can cause lots of waste and often involve horrifying amounts of single-use plastic. Plan what you'll eat and take it with you if you can, choose carefully when you're shopping, and remember it's easy to make yummy treats yourself!

For lots more tips check out our guide to shopping sustainably.

Have an Alternative Easter

How to Have an Eco Friendly Easter - Have an Alternative Easter-min

Easter doesn't have to mean chocolate. It's estimated that on average a child in the UK consumes eight large chocolate eggs every Easter. Alternatives like fruit, small treats hidden as part of a hunt, or durable toys might be healthier and have less of an environmental impact. Encourage kids to decorate and exchange or hide hard-boiled or wooden eggs - there are loads of creative ideas for decorating them here.

If you're looking for an alternative and ethical Easter gift that gives back, check out our toys for kids or thoughtful gifts for adults.

Comment below - how will you be making this Easter more ethical and eco-friendly?

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