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A Recipe for Success - How Eco-Friendly Green Toys Are Turning Waste Plastic Into Toys

Green Toys are committed to producing long-lasting eco-friendly toys. They've recycled over 121 million plastic milk bottles and turned them into colourful, child-friendly toys.

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Green Toys make all their chunky and hard-wearing products from recycled plastic bottles! This stops plastic from going to landfill, reduces their products' carbon footprint and saves energy. Every pound of recycled milk jugs saves enough energy to power a TV for three weeks!

Safe for little ones

Green Toys are designed to be completely safe and non-toxic. Their toys are free from BPA, PVC or phthalates. The bright colours are created using food-safe, mineral-based colouring. Adults love how hard-wearing they are - and that they can be cleaned in the dishwasher! The toys are carefully designed to be made purely from recycled plastic, so you won't find any metal axes or screws - just ingenious design.

Gender-neutral imaginative play

Here at Good Things we believe it's important that children explore the world around them without being defined by stereotypes. All Green Toys have gender-neutral designs and often use both boys and girls in their imagery. The colourful, classic shapes are designed for the unstructured, imaginative play that's so important for children's development.

Award-winning Packaging

Green Toys wrap their products in award-winning eco-friendly and 100% recyclable cardboard printed with natural, renewable soy inks. Every box that gets recycled saves a gallon of water.

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    We love Green Toys. It's wonderful to hear how much little ones love playing with them too! Explore the range, available at Good Things
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