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Loads of us are trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use, yet 90% of children's toys are made from plastic. 

Weaving Hope create colourful toys from hand-loomed cotton. They aren't just an ingenious alternative to all-plastic toys, they're also sustainably made in Sri Lanka where they keep traditional skills alive and provide Fair Trade wages in rural areas. Better still, buying these toys helps support programmes to educate women about domestic violence, financial literacy and women's health in rural areas of Sri Lanka.

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Sustainable alternatives to plastic play sets

Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic toys - Weaving Hope toys

It's shocking to see how many toys are still made from plastic, and often they sadly don't last very long. Weaving Hope creates clever cotton alternatives to toys typically made from plastic, like tea sets, animals and clever zip-up play sets. Every toy is made with exceptional attention to detail, and the toys are designed to be loved, washed, and passed on from generation to generation.

Find out more about plastic use and its impact on the planet in our blog: Why We Must Stop the Rising Tide of Plastic Toys.

Weaving Hope's cotton toys are beautifully and skillfully made, with fabulous attention to detail. The cotton cloth is woven from scratch on traditional wooden looms that are pedal-powered, making this labour-intensive but with an extremely low environmental impact. In short: more well-paid jobs, less carbon. 

This method of production keeps traditional skills alive and has revived the heritage of heirloom crafts in rural areas of Sri Lanka. It also allows craftspeople - many of whom are women - to work locally in rural areas where well-paid jobs can be hard to find. 

Of course an added bonus is that cotton toys are also washable - just pop them in the machine at 30°C. They're also much quieter than plastic versions, and they're designed to pack away neatly after playtime.  

The toys are purposefully produced in Sri Lanka, and Weaving Hope ships them by sea which takes longer than air freight, but emits significantly less carbon per kg shipped.

Changing Lives

Weaving Hope makers - changing lives through Fair Trade

What difference does Fair Trade make?

Weaving Hope produce World Fair Trade Organisation certified products in Sri Lanka. Over 250 artisans make their products and they are all paid a living wage, which means they can afford a decent standard of living for themselves and their family. It also means everybody works in safe and healthy conditions and children are protected from economic exploitation. Workers making Weaving Hope products benefit from health camps, child-care facilities, life skills programmes and leadership training. Find out more in our blog: What is Fair Trade and Why Does it Matter?

Cultivating gender equality

74% of those working in Fair Trade enterprises around the world are women. Astonishingly 52% of of these organisations' CEOs are women too. This compares to 5% of CEO positions being held by women in companies in the UK, Europe and the US. Both Weaving Hope and their Fair Trade supplier in Sri Lanka are enterprises led by women. These enterprises empower women through inclusive work and working environments and skills training and development.

Your support does more

Supporting Weaving Hope goes even further than sustainable toys and fairly paid work; proceeds support health and finance education for women in rural Sri Lanka too. Weaving Hope's supplier has their own foundation which delivers workshops on important issues such as domestic abuse, alcoholism, women’s health, sex education and balancing their work with their personal lives.

Vegan-friendly toys

Vegan-friendly toys from Weaving Hope

All Weaving Hope toys are PETA-approved. This means you can shop happily, knowing these toys are completely cruelty-free - for both animals and people. Even these chicken drumsticks are PETA-approved! (Perhaps they're seitan?) 

Explore our range of ethical toys from Weaving Hope

We think Weaving Hope are wonderful, both for the ingenious toys they create which never fail to raise a smile, and for their commitment to fair, empowering and sustainable ways of working. Check out the full range of Weaving Hope toys, available at Good Things: 

Explore Eco Toys from Weaving Hope

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