5 Easy Random Acts of Kindness - Ideas you can try today

Random Acts of Kindness | 5 Easy Ideas You Can Try Today

5 Easy Random Acts of Kindness - ideas to try today

In what's been a tough year, kindness feels more important than ever. Thursday 17th February is Random Acts of Kindness Day! So how can you get involved? Here are our top five ideas for easy random acts of kindness that will make a difference today!

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5 Easy Random Acts of Kindness - write a little something

1. Write a little something

Take a moment to send an unprompted thank you or words of appreciation to a colleague, friend or family member. We often focus on actions so remember to tell them why you value them as a person, as well as for what they may have done.

Alternatively The Give has been set up to spread a little cheer through the power of words. They connect volunteer letter writers with people feeling isolated in care homes and by partnering with charities. 

It's simple to register online where you'll be asked to provide a little information about your interests. Volunteers will then match you with a named recipient and they'll let you know a little bit about what interests them. Write your email or letter and it will be sent on to brighten someone's day. Letters are one-offs to enable as many people as possible to receive something. Get involved and register your details at The Give.

5 Easy Random Acts of Kindness - help nature

2. Give a little time to nature

Kindness doesn't have to be person to person. Show some kindness to our natural world:

  • put up a bird box in your garden
  • build a bug hotel in an undisturbed area to provide a vital home for insects
  • or track the changing seasons and add information to The Woodland Trust's Nature's Calendar. It's easy to contribute online and you'll help report on the effects of weather and climate change on wildlife near you
5 Easy Random Acts of Kindness - send something thoughtful

3. Take a moment to send something thoughtful

Take a few minutes to make a call or send a message to someone who might be feeling lonely or isolated (whether they live alone or not). If words aren't your thing a thoughtful gesture can be just as meaningful - whether that's sharing some spring flowers, perhaps creating a drawing or picture, or dropping off a baked treat!

If you're thinking of sending something from a distance we might be able to help. Check out our thoughtful gifts collection for loads of little gifts and recycled cards delivered direct to loved ones.5 Easy Random Acts of Kindness - donate to charity

4. Donate something you no longer love or need

Many of us have been decluttering during our time at home. Donating items you no longer love or need* to charity shops helps others in several ways.

  • Firstly the charity you've donated to will be able to sell or recycle your item raising valuable funds for their work
  • Secondly your unwanted item will have a new lease of life with someone who uses and appreciates it. Charity shops can provide affordable options to those with lower incomes so they're great places to donate items like toys or kitchenware as well as clothes
  • Finally it's much greener to pass your item on rather than throw it away and send it to landfill. If your item can't be sold many charity shops will have processes in place to recycle and reuse it. Oxfam has a textile recycling facility for just this purpose!

*If you need a little inspiration check out Minimalism on Netflix or Marie Kondo

5 Easy Random Acts of Kindness - leave a little kindness

5. Leave a little kindness for a stranger to enjoy

Become a kindness activist and leave kindness for strangers to enjoy. Perhaps leave your favourite book somewhere for another reader to discover. Place a pebble with an uplifting message on a path or try yarn bombing or craftivism to lift spirits in your local area. You might want to leave a note with it though, just to let people know that what you've left is a gift - not lost property!

Find loads more ideas at Random Acts of Kindness - why not keep going year-round?

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