Lucy celebrates one year of Good Things

Good Things Turns 1!

Good Things celebrates its first birthday

Today we're celebrating 1 year since Good Things launched! Our mission was simple: one shop where it was easy to find gifts, toys and games that are kind to the planet, and creating positive change for the people who make them.

Lucy celebrates one year of Good ThingsIt's been an incredibly exciting (and more recently, very turbulent) year. But, thanks to your support, I'm delighted to let you know that we've been able to make a social and environmental impact, donate to charity, and pick up a couple of awards and an appearance on BBC One along the way! Scroll down to find out more.

Thank you for making Good Things possible: for shopping with us, for your words of encouragement, for supporting our crowdfunder to get off the ground, for spreading the word, and to our wonderful suppliers who it is a joy to support and champion.

I can't wait for the year to come,

Lucy x

We've Donated 20% of Our Profits to Protect Endangered Habitats

Charity impact - Good Things
Photo: NCE Juan Carlos Valarezo

We believe climate change is the single greatest threat we face. We champion environmentally friendly products, and we're also taking action on climate change by protecting forests in Ecuador and Mexico. We pledge 20% of profits to charity, and thanks to your support, this year we were able to make a donation to the World Land Trust and protect two acres of threatened habitat, crucial for jaguars and macaws. This land is turned into a reserve, and protected forever. As we grow, we can't wait to increase our support for charities undertaking such vital work.

Environmental Impact

Our environmental impact - Good Things

Our mission is to make it easy for you to find feel-good gifts, and reduce plastic waste. We're delighted that 57% of our products are plastic free - this compares to 90% of children's toys typically being made from plastic.

11% of our products are made from all recycled plastic, captured and prevented from harming our planet. This year we're proud to say that we've stocked 1,500 plastic milk bottles worth of toys! This means these milk bottles were reused, instead of going to landfill or polluting our rivers and oceans. Reusing plastic also saves energy - reusing 1,500 milk bottles saves enough energy to power a lightbulb for 9,000 hours! 

1500 milk bottles, turned into toys

We send our products in completely plastic-free, recyclable packaging, and offer a range of recycled, plastic free cards and gift wrap too.

Social Impact

Social Impact - Good Things

We love gifts, toys and games that give back. At Good Things 61% of our products are creating a positive social impact and changing lives around the world. Amongst them:

  • Recycled cards that share and celebrate the work of disabled artists in the UK. The charity champions inclusion and acceptance for people with disabilities
  • Hand-loomed cotton toys that empower women, keep traditional skills alive and provide good wages in rural areas of Sri Lanka
  • Handmade products providing Fair Trade work, adapted housing, skills, training and support for adults with disabilities and therapy for disabled children in Tanzania
  • A new start for young orphaned adults in Rwanda, through handmade cards created from recycled office waste

Products changing lives at Good Things

Champions of Fair Trade

43% of our products are certified Fair Trade. Fair Trade ensures producers are paid a fair living wage, and working in good conditions. It also means you can be assured that these products are never made by children, or by people forced to work against their will. Fair Trade suppliers must give all their workers equal opportunities, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or HIV status. In fact, 52% of Fair Trade enterprises are run by women! Find out more in our blog: What is Fair Trade and why does it matter?

Aisha's story - Neema Crafts at Good Things

We've even been lucky enough to win some awards!

Celebrating our first year - awards

In the past year we're delighted to have won the SJL Foundation's National Start-Up Contest and Devon's Fast Track to Growth Award 2019! In November we were very excited to be featured on BBC One's Sunday Morning Live too! Find out more about Good Things featuring in the media here.

Good Things turns 1 celebration cake

Naturally we celebrated with a big cake and a Devon cream tea!

Banner showing gifts available at Good Things. Text: Explore gifts, toys and games that are kind to the planet, and the people who make them

Press enquiries

We welcome press enquiries. Check out our press contact page.

Good Things is an award-winning online shop that seeks out inspiring ethical and sustainable products that support charities, empower people and protect our planet. We share these products and their inspiring stories of social and environmental impact in our online store. We want to make it easy for people to find feel good gifts, and reduce plastic waste.

Good Things was founded in July 2019 by female entrepreneur, Lucy Willoughby. After spending time in Nepal and Tanzania, working with entrepreneurs setting up small businesses, Lucy was inspired to let the world know about the ethical and sustainable products she found and the projects they support. Find out more.

Since launching in July 2019, Good Things has been featured in BBC One's Sunday Morning Live, and The Guardian, won the SJL Foundations's Start-Up of the Year Contest, and the Fast Track to Growth Award. Lucy is a finalist for the Entrepreneur for Good Award at the 2020 Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the South West region.

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