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Good Things awarded the Let Toys Be Toys toymark for the fourth time!

Good Things has been awarded the Let Toys Be Toys Toymark Award 2023 for good practice for the fourth year in a row! The toymark is awarded to retailers that promote gender inclusive toys, encouraging children to play with whichever toys they enjoy most

At Good Things, our toys are never categorised by gender, and where possible we use images that challenge gender stereotypes. You can search for toys and gifts based on a child's interests, age or the qualities of a product, but we don't think gender categories are helpful or necessary.

Let Toys Be Toys is on a mission to stop some manufacturers and retailers limiting children’s interests by promoting toys and books as only suitable for girls, and others only for boys. It is a grassroots campaign organised by parents who were frustrated by the increase in marketing and promotion to children that pushed narrow stereotypes.

The Let Toys Be Toys Toymark recognises retailers that are doing a great job of offering toys to girls and boys alike. 

Children playing with gender inclusive toys

Good Things founder Lucy had the idea of a children's gift shop following her own experience of looking for gifts for children:

"I was shocked to find toys were still separated into pink and blue areas for girls and boys. Not only was it divided, I was so disappointed to see toys like princess make-up kits targeted at girls and construction kits labelled as 'for boys' only."

"In order to create a more gender-equal world, we have to start from an early age. Play is a crucial part of how children explore who they are and discover the world around them. I believe children's toys should encourage kids to play with whatever interests them - and certainly not reinforce outdated stereotypes."

We're delighted that this is the fourth year we've received the award and to be part of this movement encouraging children to be free to learn, play and have fun with whichever toys they enjoy most!

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