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5 Ways to Show Support for Refugees & Asylum Seekers

At a worrying time, here are five things you can do to show your support for people seeking asylum and refugee communities

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"Imagine a fire in the neighbourhood. You know about it. People fleeing the blaze come knocking on your door to ask for shelter. You lock them in a cupboard, and then kick them out on to the streets. That’s the impact of the new migration bill."

The Refugee Council

While for now the UK government does what it will with its policies on refugees, we've been wondering what's happening to make people feel welcome here in the UK. If you'd like to do something to show your support for refugees here are a few ideas:

1. Volunteer

If you'd like to give some time, check out this list of initiatives supporting refugee integration in the UK put together by Sona Circle. You'll find a range of projects supporting integration via food, sport, learning English and more. You can also have a look at volunteer positions with Refugee Action. Or find your nearest City of Sanctuary group and help build a more welcoming UK for people forced to flee their homes.

Look into what's happening locally: many towns and cities have dedicated groups supporting refugees. That might be through fundraising, organising housing, arranging activities or gathering essentials like food and toiletries.

2. Donate

Donate to the Refugee Council who help people recover from trauma and rebuild their lives. You can even offer to rent your home.

5. Contact your MP

In the UK you can email, phone or write to your MP and let them know your concerns about government policy. You can use this populated form created by Safe Passage if you'd prefer.

4. Support refugee artisans

Many refugees leave livelihoods behind when they flee from violence. Support refugee artisans around the world through our Goods Crafted by Refugee Artisans collection.

5. Cook together

Join a Migrateful cookery class: learn to cook a new cuisine and celebrate refugees, asylum seekers and migrants' cultural heritage. Migrateful is a charity that now offers over 30 difference cuisines and in-person classes in London, Bristol, Brighton and Kent. Online or in-person cookery class, from £25


What have we missed? Comment below or contact us and we'll keep adding ideas. 

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