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The Paul Hodges Trust

Colourful Scrunchies Changing Lives | Set of 3

Colourful Scrunchies Changing Lives | Set of 3

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These beautiful colourful scrunchies are handmade from gorgeous printed cotton. Every scrunchie in this set of three empowers the women who make them in Ghana

 Good Things:

  • The Paul Hodges Trust is a charity that works to tackle poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. They focus on breaking the cycle of poverty through empowering women and girls living in some of Africa’s poorest communities
  • These scrunchies are handmade in Ghana in Fair Trade conditions - every product is unique! 
  • 100% of the revenue The Paul Hodges Trust generates is reinvested in the charity, enabling them to empower more women with the skills and income they need to escape poverty
  • These scrunchies are plastic-free, and ethically made from colourful cotton

Each of these beautiful scrunchies is hand cut from local cotton fabric, and hand sewn by women who are survivors of trafficking, child-marriage and domestic violence. These scrunchies enable women to earn fair incomes to support themselves and their families.

The Paul Hodges Trust invest their earnings into girls’ education and women's empowerment in Ghana, Uganda and Sierra Leone.

These scrunchies are also available individually for £4 each.


  • Tropical sunset (African iris + pink + orange and blue)
  • Bird of paradise (red + mint green + African iris)
  • Pick 'n' mix (lollipop + red + retro pink)
  • Macaw (orange and navy + red + mint green)

What you get:

A set of three cotton scrunchies. Each scrunchie is handmade and measures approximately 10cm across

Cotton fabric scrunchie with strong elastic inner

Please note: these products are handmade and designs can vary slightly. We think this is part of the appeal as every item is unique to you. Please be aware that the colours and print may be slightly different to the images shown

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Jonathan Whitmore

A great gift.

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