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The Best Ethical and Sustainable Gifts for Christmas by Age from Babies to Teens

Best ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts - cover

Many of us are conscious of what we buy this Christmas, and are looking for eco-friendly, sustainable gifts. Here's our pick of gorgeous, sustainably made gifts that are ethically produced and improve lives around the world.

Many of these products are fair trade and the enterprises who make them reinvest any profits back into charitable projects. We've also pledged 20% of profits to charities doing good things too.

Explore a range of ideas below for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, primary school aged children and older kids and teenagers.

Babies (0 - 12 months)

First Christmases are so special. Explore a selection of organic, recycled and lovingly handmade fair trade gifts that will be loved by babies and the adults around them.

The Best Ethical and Sustainable Gifts for Christmas for Babies

Explore ethical and sustainable baby gifts and toys

Toddler (1 - 3 years)

When Christmas begins to get really fun it's great to give presents that keep little ones entertained, and that will stand some rough play! Discover toys made from recycled plastic that may otherwise have entered our oceans, toys designed to stimulate and encourage learning and development, and some sustainable twists on classics!

The Best Ethical and Sustainable Gifts for Christmas for toddlers

Explore ethical and sustainable toddler gifts and toys

Pre-school (3 - 5 years)

As children begin to get swept up in the excitement of Christmas we bring you a selection of open-ended toys to encourage imaginative play, cute fair trade products providing work, healthcare and education, and clever magnetic wooden toys!

The Best Ethical and Sustainable Gifts for Christmas for Pre-Schoolers

Ethical and sustainable gift and toy ideas for pre-schoolers

Primary School (5 to 11 years)

As children get a little older it can be hard to find sustainably made products and avoid screens. We've gathered a range of engaging, creative gifts that will keep kids busy and help them learn about the world around them.

The Best Ethical and Sustainable Gifts for Christmas for Primary School aged children

Ethical and sustainable gifts, toys and games for 5 to 11 year-olds

Gifts for older kids and teenagers (12+)

From beautiful handcrafted wooden games you'll treasure for generations, to mindful gifts, papercraft projects and fabulous handmade Tanzanian treats with amazing stories to tell. A wonderful range of eco-friendly products that make a positive change in the world.

The Best Ethical and Sustainable Gifts for Christmas for older kids and teenagers

Have a look at gifts and games for older kids and teenagers

If you're still looking for inspiration why not check out all our products?

Good Things seeks out innovative, fair and eco-friendly toys and gifts for kids that do great things. Like toy boats made entirely from recycled milk bottles, or cards that are changing the lives of orphaned young adults in Rwanda. Have a look at our collections.

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