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Sprout & Gherkin

Sproutword Game | 2 - 4 Player Tin

Sproutword Game | 2 - 4 Player Tin

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If you love word or strategy games, you'll love Sproutword. A clever twist on games like Scrabble, it has been described as one of the UK's most eco-friendly games

Good Things:

  • Responsibly made and completely plastic-free!
  • Beautiful wooden, tactile tiles made from sustainably sourced wood with an FSC core and oak veneer from managed forest plantations in Europe
  • The inks used to print onto the wood are UV cured, which means they are more energy efficient and less harmful than solvent based inks
  • 100% cotton bags
  • Recycled paper instructions
  • Recyclable tin to store your game
  • Shortlisted for Best Literacy Game at the Imagination Gaming Awards 2020

Sproutword is a fun and challenging game that's a bit like Scrabble or Bananagrams but with a strategic twist! Win the game by taking control of the Sproutword by adding letters, changing existing ones - or using your opponent's tiles!

"Sproutword could be described as a mix of Scrabble and Chess. It's a game that just about anyone can join in with, without having to learn complicated rules or spend any time on set up, and it's also entirely plastic-free and more beautiful than you'd expect any tile game to be."

- review by The Brick Castle

Sproutword was invented by Ian and Dan who created the game during lunch breaks while working at the NHS! They are committed to sustainability and have ensured their games are completely plastic-free and use locally-sourced and reusable, recycled or recyclable materials.

Sproutword is also available in a 2-player tin which is great to take on the go

What you get:

Your tin contains: 100 beautifully made colourful wooden tiles in four colours; four cotton bags to hold your tiles; a set of instructions

A 2 - 4 player game is likely to take between 30 minutes and two hours 

Recommended for ages 11+ and not suitable for 0 - 3 year olds due to small parts that might provide a choking hazard

Tin measures: 17cm x 13cm x 5.7cm

We love that it's 100% plastic-free, and has been described as one of the UK's most eco-friendly games

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    Customer Reviews

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    Wanted to give my adult son a new game for Christmas that was also sustainable, locally sourced and recyclable - Sproutword fitted the bill in all ways. We have played it several times so far and find it can be over quite quickly, or, like chess, can go on for longer, involve a lot of thinking and strategic play. Attractively presented and all packs into a small box which can easily be transported. Would definitely recommend.

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