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Guide: Eco Gifts for Business Gift Giving

Guide Eco Gifts for Business Gift Giving - gifts and rewards for business customers

Gifts and rewards are important in business. Whether you're thanking a client, celebrating your team's achievements or providing a prize for a survey or draw

However, choosing consciously and finding sustainable options can be more difficult. More and more of us are choosing to buy from brands with commitments to environmental and social impact. Choosing ethical corporate gifts will support your organisation's commitment to sustainability and reflect the values of your customers and team.

Read on to find out what you can send as an eco gift for business gift giving.

What is eco gift giving?

Eco-friendly: designed to have little or no damaging effect on the environment

- Cambridge Dictionary

When we choose eco friendly corporate gifts we need to think about the planet first. What is it made from? Will it be used? How will it be disposed of at the end of its life? 

Choosing gifts from shops providing ethical and sustainable products makes things easier as they've done the hard work for you! Read our ultimate guide to eco friendly gifts for more.

Guide Eco Gifts for Business Gift Giving - corporate gift ideas - What can I send as a corporate gift

What can I send as a corporate gift?

Traditionally corporate gifts have been unsolicited and might include branded pens, glasses, notebooks, wallets or watches. 

However, if we're considering our impact on the environment, we need to be conscious of waste. Showering people with unwanted stuff is not a sustainable approach.

Gift cards are a great option as people can choose something they want and that they will use. If you want to give a physical item, opt for practical, useful items made ethically and sustainably. If possible give people a few options, enabling them to choose something they will put to good use.   

Corporate gift cards

Gift cards make a great eco friendly business gift. You give people freedom of choice and recipients can spend them in their own time. Digital gift cards are emailed immediately and provide an alternative to plastic gift cards too.

We've provided gift cards for businesses to send to high value clients, as well as for entire staff teams. As they're dispatched immediately via email this also makes for a quick and convenient solution to the challenge of what to give!

Find out more about corporate gift cards from Good Things.

Corporate gift ideas

Reusable Water Bottles Funding Water Projects


Guide Eco Gifts for Business Gift Giving - corporate gift ideas - Reusable Water Bottles Funding Water Projects

These popular reusable bottles are insulated, and have a double wall vacuum so they keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

Even better, these bottles fund projects bringing clean water to communities in India and Tanzania (each bottles has the GPS coordinates of the specific project it has supported on the bottom of the bottle). Jerry Bottle Funding Water Projects, from £18

Mindful Moment Gift Set

Guide Eco Gifts for Business Gift Giving - corporate gift ideas - Mindful Moment Gift Set

Encourage someone to take a moment for themselves with this mindful moment gift set. It contains a 10 deep breaths bracelet, a sustainable notebook for journalling and a card with space for your message, hand-written by us. Mindful Moment Gift Set, £23

You might also like the Wildlife Lover's Gift Set, £18, or the Take Care of Yourself Gift Set, £16.50 which is a thoughtful gesture for those taking time away from work.

Brighten up Their Home Office

Guide Eco Gifts for Business Gift Giving - corporate gift ideas - miniature felt houseplant

These gorgeous felt houseplants are the perfect home office companion. Each one comes in a felt pot, and they're plastic-free, completely biodegradable and made using natural dyes too. These cacti are handmade in Nepal where they also provide Fair Trade accredited work which protects and promotes ancient skills. Hand-felted Fair Trade Mini Houseplant, £9.95

Sustainable Stationery

Guide Eco Gifts for Business Gift Giving - corporate gift ideas - sustainable stationery from VENT for Change

Stylish, practical and supporting education projects worldwide, this sustainable stationery is always received well! VENT for Change create beautifully designed notebooks, pens, pencils, listpads and notepads in  a range of colours and deisngs. Every item helps support global education projects getting children back in to school. VENT for Change sustainable stationery, from £3.99

Wildflower Seed Gift Set

 Guide Eco Gifts for Business Gift Giving - corporate gift ideas - wildflower seed gift set

These wildflower seeds can be sown in gardens or a public space, and they create a habitat for thousands of vital pollinators.

Seed of Hope is a social enterprise that helps people with mental health challenges through recovery-based therapeutic gardening. Every pack of wildflower seeds supports their work and helps 1,500 pollinators native to the UK! Choose individual seed packets or the wildflower seed gift set, from £1.50

Let us help

Whether you're looking for gifts for staff, clients or for guests attending events, we'd love to help! Get in touch and we'll suggest some ideas.

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