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Fair Trade Hand Woven Blanket  Blue
Hand woven blanket - blue
Fair Trade Hand Woven Big Blanket  - Grey
Fair Trade Hand Woven Big Blanket- pink

Fair Trade Hand Woven Big Blanket | Blue, Grey or Pink

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Neema Crafts
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This handmade blanket is very special. It takes David a whole day to make each of these gorgeous big cotton blankets on a floor loom 

 Good Things:

  • Neema Crafts transforms the lives of over 120 people with disabilities in the rural Iringa region of Tanzania. Neema is a fair trade certified supplier
  • Handmade in Tanzania - every product is unique! The cotton is sourced locally
  • 100% of Neema's profits fund specially adapted housing for disabled staff in Tanzania
  • Neema source sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials for their products, and ensure ethical working conditions

This special blanket is big and soft and snuggly! It's big enough to cover a 2-seater sofa or single bed. Angelina spins locally sourced cotton into threads which are then hand-dyed. David then carefully and skilfully weaves them together into one of these unique blankets with a repeating diamond pattern. The blanket has fringing on two edges.

What you get:

Measures 130cm x 225cm

Made from 100% cotton

Washing instructions: Warm wash and iron

Please note: Neema products are handmade and designs can vary slightly. We think this is part of the appeal as every item is unique to you. Please be aware that the colours may be slightly different to the images shown

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