The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2024 - ethical mother's day gifts

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2024

Looking for unique ways to celebrate Mother's Day? Discover extra special gifts, experiences and inexpensive ways to spoil mum this Mother's day.

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - ethical mother's day gifts


Explore hundreds of inspiring ethical and sustainable Mother's Day gifts that support charities, empower people and protect the planet at Good Things.

What day is Mother's Day 2024 in the UK?

Mother's day (also known as Mothering Sunday) will be celebrated on Sunday 10th March 2024.

Mother's Day Gifts

Check out our top ethical mother's day gifts for 2024. Extra special ideas you'll both love. Find 220+ more ideas in our gifts for mum collection.

Voice radiance drop earrings

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2024 - radiance drops
We can't get enough of these stunning stunning brass earrings. At Voice International female artisans in Uganda make a new start, through a sustainable income, developing new skills and pursuing their dreams. Radiance drop earrings, £27

Sirius Round Bag made from Recycled Tyres
The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - recycled handbag from Lost in Samsara

This gorgeous vegan handbag is the perfect size for your purse, phone and a few other items. We love the round design, and the way it's actually made from waterproof and hear-wearing recycled inner tubes from bike tyres! Lost in Samsara partner with cooperatives of artisans from underprivileged backgrounds who create high quality accessories from items that might otherwise have gone to landfill. Sirius round bag, £60

Lydia Myriam necklace

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - Lydia Miriam 4 bead blues necklace
A striking, unique and lightweight necklace created from nuts! Lydia Miriam creates gorgeous jewellery from tagua beads, created from nuts which fall naturally from the tree in Ecuador. Presented in an upcycled sari gift bag to make it extra special for mum this Mother's Day. 4-bead blues necklace, £28

Sea Salt Caramel Truffles

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - Chocolarder truffles
All pleasure, no compromise. It doesn't get much more indulgent than this gorgeous box of sea salt caramel truffles. Made with rich Cornish-made caramel and a dark cocoa shell, Chocolarder create their artisan goods with uncompromising ethical and environmental principles. The perfect treat for a chocolate-lover this Mother's Day! Sea salt caramel truffles, £16.50

Embroidered Mountain Clutch Bag with Chain

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - mountain clutch bag
Who can resist this unique and handmade clutch bag with it's wonderfully detailed embroidery, long chain strap and tasselled zip. A beautiful clutch bag handmade by Afghan women now living in refugee camps in Pakistan who specialise in intricate embroidery techniques that have been passed down for generations. Mountain clutch bag, £37

Illustrated Triple Insulated Bottle 

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - triple insulated water bottles
A reusable water bottle is a sustainable staple these days, but these bottles are extra special. These triple-insulated bottles are made by Root8 and feature gorgeous ARTHOUSE Unlimited artwork on the bottles. They keep your water cool for 30 hours, drinks hot for 20 hours, and have a lifetime guarantee. Available in three collaborative designs, and all supporting the work of the charity ARTHOUSE Unlimited. Triple insulated water bottle, £28

Send a Card

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - recycled mother's day cards
All these cards are made from recycled materials. Choose beautiful designs that plant a tree, support charities, or handmade by young adults creating a new future in Rwanda. Mother's day cards, from £2.99

Pink Felt Cactus

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - felt cactus
We love this colourful felt plant which is completely biodegradable and made using natural dyes. For those who might struggle with houseplants, this one will never look sad or need watering - win, win! These cacti are handcrafted in Nepal by a mainly female group of artisans, who work in Fair Trade conditions and protect and promote ancient skills. Hand-felted Fair Trade cactus, £23

Birds and the Bees gift set

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2024 - birds and the bees
A great choice for gardeners and nature-lovers, this beautiful gift set will provide a safe haven for bees, insects and small garden birds. These gorgeous handmade nesters are handmade and Fair Trade certified and created using upcycled sari fabric and seagrass. Birds and the bees gift set, £40

Mother's Day Meal

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - mother's day meal

Whether she's a foodie, or she'd just love to spend time with you, treating your mum to a special brunch or Mother's Day lunch might be the perfect treat.

If you can't be with her on the day, why not create a voucher and suggest another date?

Mother's Day Bouquet

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - wildflower seed gift set

Did you know about 90% of the flowers we buy are imported? 

Often cut flowers are grown in warmer countries like Kenya and flown to the UK, while many more are grown in large heated greenhouses in the Netherlands. This means the floristry industry can have a pretty hefty carbon footprint, and we haven't even mentioned single-use plastic wrapping and floral foam yet.

Mother's Day is one of the busiest days of the year for the flower industry, so what can we do to choose a little more sustainably this year? 

  • Look for florists offering ethical and sustainable options. Find out where flowers are grown, look for Fairtrade products if possible (this means they were grown under strict environmental and ethical standards), or choose seasonal flowers grown in the UK
  • Consider the materials the flowers will be packed in, avoid floral foam, and choose recyclable or biodegradable options whenever you can. Let your florist know these factors are important to you - it might mean they can give you more options next time!
  • Think outside the box, fresh flowers only last about five to seven days on average. Could you choose something longer-lasting or gift an experience instead? Check out these wildflower seed gift sets for a long-lasting alternative that gives nature a boost too!

For Those Who Don't Want Stuff

Many people are keen to avoid accumulating 'stuff' just for the sake of it. So what are some alternative and unique gift ideas?

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - cinema

Book a theatre or cinema trip

Whether your mum's into musicals, films or drama, she'll love the opportunity to hang out with you, and that you want to join her watching something she enjoys. Offer a few ideas if you're not quite sure what she'd like, or if you know she'll love The Rocky Horror Picture show, just book those tickets!

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - home spa

Plan a home spa day

For a low-cost treat, book a date in the diary and prepare some face masks, DIY body scrubs, or try one of these home hair treatments

Light some candles, put on a relaxing soundtrack, add some treats to snack on and perhaps a healthy smoothie (or something fizzy), and voila! 

The Best Ethical Mother's Day Ideas for 2023 - picnic

Go for a picnic 

If she's not after things, she may just value you and your time! Now spring's on the way why not plan a picnic together in a location your mum will love. That might be the beach, a beauty spot, or your local park! 

Have we missed anything? Comment below if you think there's something we should include.

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