21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - ethical travel gift ideas - traveller looks out over sunrise with backpack on their back

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers

What can you gift someone who loves to travel? Discover 21 travel gift ideas, from luggage to travel essentials, and thoughtful treats they will love


Travel presents can be tough, you might want to wish someone safe travels, send a little something to remind them of you, or simply give something they can use on their trip. But unlike most gift-giving occasions, your globe-trotting pal might have limited space for only the essentials.

So what are good gifts for someone going travelling or on a special holiday? We bring you a range of practical and thoughtful ideas.


A traveller's best friend: give them a bag they'll love to show off. Explore our full range of bags, holdalls, totes and purses.

Colourful washbag 

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - Colourful washbag

This colourful washbag is made from colourful printed cotton sourced in Sierra Leone and comes in three joyful designs. Every washbag helps a woman in Sierra Leone to earn a fair income to support themself and their family. Colourful washbag, £12

Brixton Backpack

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - brixton backpack

Discover the ultimate travel companion with this Brixton backpack. Crafted from repurposed cement bags and inner tubes, this backpack marries durability with sustainability. Designed for wanderers, it boasts high-quality construction, hardwearing endurance and water-resistant charm, plus a padded laptop compartment! Empower change with this remarkable backpack that's as unique as your adventures. Brixton backpack, £59

Travel bag

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - Travel bag
These striking, tough and roomy travel bags are perfect for taking on your travels. Each one is has an outer made from local cotton fabric, and is lined, strong and durable. These holdalls are hand sewn in Uganda by young women who are creating a new start. Travel bag, £54

Zero waste pouch

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - Zero waste pouch

This zero waste pouch is created from upcycled cotton and handmade by Afghan refugees living in India. It's the perfect size to keep your passport and important documents safe, or can be used as a small pencil case or washbag. Zero waste pouch £14

Tanzania weekend bag

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - Tanzania weekend bag
Hardwearing, spacious and unique, we love this Tanzania weekend bag. This spacious holdall is made from khaki canvas with screen-printed Tanzanian stamp. Made by and supporting Neema Crafts in Tanzania. Tanzania weekend bag, £54

Travel essentials

Illustrated Triple Insulated Bottle 

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - Illustrated Triple Insulated Bottle

These triple-insulated marvels keep water refreshingly cool for 30 hours and drinks toasty hot for 20 hours. With a lifetime guarantee, these bottles are more than just functional – they're designed for life. Choose from three collaborative designs, each empowering ARTHOUSE Unlimited's mission. Join the movement, stay hydrated, and make a difference with a bottle that's as special as the cause it supports. Triple insulated water bottle, £28

Lightweight cotton scarf

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - cotton scarf

A travel staple! A light cotton scarf can be used as a cover-up, hung up to create shade or privacy, as a sarong, a headscarf and so much more. This soft cream scarf is carefully handcrafted in India from lightweight cotton. Every one is handmade by women and girls who have evaded or survived trafficking in northern India. These women have created a new start, as artisans, creators and artists with sustainable careers, education and medical care funded by goods like these. Cream Cotton Scarf, £28

Shampoo bar

21 Best Travel Presents - shampoo bar

Shampoo bars are ideal to take on the go, as they're lighter and smaller than a bottle of shampoo. Infuse your hair with shine, health, and an irresistible glow with this eco shampoo bar containing a refreshing blend of essential oils. You'll also be supporting ARTHOUSE Unlimited's inspiring mission challenging perceptions, fostering acceptance, and promoting inclusion for individuals living with neurodivergence and physical adversities. Feel the Air refreshing shampoo bar, £10.50


21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - pocketbook

Perfect for eco-conscious journallers, this 100% recycled pocketbook contains recycled paper pages, with a tough corn fibre cover. By rocking this pocketbook on their travels, your globetrotting friend is not just getting a stylish accessory, they're also joining the global mission to support children's education. Ideas Sustainable Pocketbook, £4.99

Splendid soap bar

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - Splendid soap bar

Give their travel routine a touch of luxury, a dash of nature's finest fragrances, and a cute message on the soap bar itself. Prepare to be swept away on a soothing sensory journey like no other with this exquisite triple-milled organic and vegan soap. Take a moment to relax with the soap's delicate lavender and citrus notes, and enjoy the uplifting message "You're splendid" on the bar. Lavender & Citrus Tubular Organic & Vegan Soap Bar, £6.75


21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - braided headband

Any traveller will tell you a headband's a must. These braided headbands are meticulously crafted from upcycled vintage saris, and are a colourful fusion of fashion and empowerment. By wearing this headband, you're becoming a part of a movement that empowers women and girls in India, offering them opportunities and a brighter future. Braided Sari Headband Empowering Women in India, £12

Good Things gift card

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - gift card

Let them dive into a world of ethical and sustainable choices with our versatile gift card. From hundreds of impactful options, your recipient can select a gift that aligns with their values and makes a positive difference. A great last-minute gift option, our gift card is sent immediately via email. Good Things gift card, from £10

Travel treats

Special treats to make their trip extra special.

Choco-lover's trio

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - Choco-lover's trio

Your loved one will delight in a trio of Chocolarder's finest chocolate bars, each meticulously crafted from ethically sourced ingredients. This gift set is a compact trio of flavours, created with passion and a commitment to sustainable sourcing. Choco-lover's Trio, £17

Infinite necklace

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers -infinite necklace

Forever and always, this infinite necklace is a lovely way to say you'll be thinking of them. A lightweight and exquisite 24k gold plated chain necklace with five interlinked oval shapes of brushed and polished brass. Infinite Necklace, £37

2-player Sproutword

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - Sproutword 2 player tin

Calling all word wizards and strategy savants – your next gaming obsession has arrived! Introducing Sproutword, a brilliant reimagining of classic games like Scrabble. Engage in a captivating battle of wits in this compact 2-player version, made for on-the-go excitement. Sproutword Game | 2 Player Tin, £15

Socks saving animals

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - Bare Kind socks

Travelling can get tiring, and sometimes a little something like a quality pair of socks makes everything feel better. Made with super-soft bamboo, your loved one will also know they're making a meaningful impact on our planet's wildlife. These socks are a celebration of both style and purpose, as for each pair sold, Bare Kind makes a donation to a charity helping the animal on the sock! Bare Kind socks from £7.50


Spicy trio

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - spicy sauce

For those with a little more space in their baggage allowance, this spicy trio comes packed with flavours from Southern Africa. This sensational trio is tailor-made for those who crave a fiery culinary experience. Inside, you'll discover an artisan chutney, a delectable curry sauce, and a jar of Swazi Fire that will evoke authentic Southern African flavours. Eswatini Spicy Sauce Gift Set, £15

Travel gifts for little globetrotters

Prism pouch

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - prism pouch

Unleash fun and creativity anywhere with this captivating magnetic wooden prism pocket pouch set! Ideal for keeping kids engaged on the move, these colourful wooden blocks have magnets sealed inside, enabling kids to create seemingly impossible structures and shapes. Pack them away into their felt pouch, ready for fun on the go! Magnetic Wooden Prism Pocket Pouch, £22

Crinkle panda toy

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - crinkle panda

What's the ideal baby toy to take on your travels? One that takes up virtually no space and weighs only 24 grams! Crafted from organic cotton, this panda crinkle toy is soft, safe, and irresistibly crinkly. It will be a family favourite, ready to embark on countless adventures with your little explorer. Panda crinkle toy, £14

Recycled plastic beach bucket and spade

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - recycled plastic beach bucket and spade

Every young traveller needs a bucket and spade! Each piece in this set is crafted with care from 100% recycled plastic from milk bottles, making them not only strong and long-lasting but also a testament to sustainability. Green Toys Beach Bucket and Spade Set, £17

Activity pad to entertain babies on the go

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - activity pad

This soft organic cotton activity pad is made for exploration, inviting babies to touch, grasp, and discover with each feature. It can be placed on the floor for tummy time, or attached to the side of a cot, or a car or plane seat, for fun on the go! Woodland Activity Pad, £35

Super sapiens card game

21 Best Travel Gifts for Explorers - super sapiens card game

Celebrate remarkable women around the world with this 3-in-1 set of card games for ages 3+.  A remarkable 75% of profits are dedicated to empowering black, indigenous, and people of colour-led organizations. With every game played, you're not only celebrating the past but actively shaping a more inclusive and equitable tomorrow. Super Sapiens card game, £12
Head to our travel gifts collection for lots more ideas, and bon voyage!

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